Just finished supper:
Pasta - approx. 375cals
Meatballs - 228cals 
A smidgen of chocolate cake - approx. 150 cals
I feel quite guilty, yes, but it was my grandmothers birthday! 
Total calories for the day:- 
Just finished lunch! 
Ate Leek & Potato soup and three kiwis.
Kiwis x3 - 150cals
Leek and Potato Soup - 150cals 
Weightwatchers breaksticks x2 - 34cals 

Waist - 26 inches
So far I have eaten a cup of black coffee and a passion fruit. This is good and restrained, and I am happy. 
Black coffee - 2 calories
Passion fruit - 17 calories (+keeping up with vitamins etc) 
Now, I just have to make sure I keep up the good work for the rest of the day. I may post again once or twice, if only to distract me from eating food I don't want to eat.